Dr. Wei is retiring and will be closing his office on August 15, 2022. Therefore, he is not accepting new patients at this time.
It was a pleasure and honor to help all of his previous patients with their healthcare needs.

Spinal Injections

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Spinal injections, patient education, and physical therapy can be combined to relieve your pain for long periods of time. Board-certified expert physician Frank Wei, MD, helps many patients significantly reduce their reliance on pain medication while living a much more active life after spinal injections. Frank Y. Wei, M.D., PLLC, located in the greater Minneapolis area in Edina, is a physical medicine and rehabilitation practice that specializes in high-tech nonsurgical pain-relief solutions. To learn more about how spinal injections can help you beat pain, call the office or book your consultation with online scheduling.

Spinal Injections Q & A

What are spinal injections?

Spinal injections are nonsurgical pain treatments performed by Dr. Wei, an expert physiatrist. There are several kinds of spine injections, but the goal is always the same: reducing your pain by minimizing swelling and inflammation. Spinal injections include both a pain reliever (an anesthetic) and cortisone. 

Spinal injections are outpatient procedures. Dr. Wei performs spinal injections using X-ray guidance to make sure the medicine gets where you need it the most. For many patients with chronic pain, spinal injections offer long-lasting relief. After your spinal injection, you may be able to significantly reduce or eliminate oral pain medication. 

What are the different types of injections?

Dr. Wei performs many types of spinal injections. Generally, the injection goes alongside the irritated or inflamed structure; if it is a joint, it will be in the joint.


This is a spinal canal injection in which Dr. Wei places medication around your nerve roots to relieve pain by decreasing nerve inflammation. 

Facet block

This is an injection within the small joints that connect your spinal bones.

Selective nerve root injection

This injection is placed alongside a pinched or inflamed nerve as it leaves your spinal canal.

Sacroiliac Injection

This injection is placed in your sacroiliac joint, where your pelvis meets your tailbone. 

Hip Injection

This is an injection that is placed directly into your hip joint. It’s often used for arthritis. 

Dr. Wei will explain which type of injection would be most effective for your pain.

How do I get ready for a spinal injection?

Dr. Wei provides you with specific preparatory instructions before your procedure. The main prep instructions include:

  • Nothing to eat or drink for at least four hours before the appointment
  • Discontinue all blood thinners beforehand as directed
  • Stop all nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) drugs three days prior to injection

Also, you can’t drive home after your spinal injection so you must arrange for a family member or friend to help you. 

When will my spinal injection start working?

You may have a brief increase in symptoms after your spinal injection, but it usually improves over a few days. It could take up to 10 days for the injection to start working. 

Many patients experience dramatic pain relief. But, remember that spinal injections aren't meant to solve your pain problem alone. They work best when combined with physical therapy and education. By following Dr. Wei's guidance, you can relieve pain and improve function significantly after a spinal injection.

Call Frank Y. Wei, M.D., PLLC, or book an appointment using the online scheduler for help with your pain.





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