Dr. Wei is retiring and will be closing his office on August 15, 2022. Therefore, he is not accepting new patients at this time.
It was a pleasure and honor to help all of his previous patients with their healthcare needs.

Staying Fit While Staying Safe

exercising at home

Why do we get tight muscles?

With over 30 years of work experience as a Physical Therapist, I am often asked by friends and family how to maintain flexibility in your spine, especially during this COVID-19 “shelter at home” quarantine.  It is a stressful time in unfamiliar circumstances. This can cause our bodies to tense up causing neck or back pain, especially for those who are missing their workouts at the gym, their monthly massages, or their prescribed visits to a physical therapist. 

Exercise tips for home

Patients look to me to suggest alternative tools they can use to maintain their flexibility and health.  There are many things you can do right in the comfort of your own home.   In addition to performing stretching exercises, I suggest laying on a golf ball or a tennis ball to release trigger points in the shoulder blades and neck. Leaning into the arms or backs of chairs can release tension in the back.  Foam rollers are very useful in stretching your back or releasing knotted muscles. If you dont have a foam roller, you can lightly lay with your back on a water bottle or a rolling pin that is placed horizontal to your spine.


Breathing plays an important role in maintaining thoracic flexibility.  Frequently, patients will describe that their chest feels tight” and they cant take a deep breath.  Proper breathing techniques with diaphragmatic breathing are extremely helpful in relaxing the diaphragm muscle.  This in turn will also help mobilize the rib cage. The ribs are attached to the thoracic vertebrae; once the ribs are moving freely, the thoracic spine becomes more flexible.  Putting light pressure over your diaphragm and holding it while breathing can make a significantly reduce chest tightness.


All of these alternative tools can help maintain flexibility when our regular activities are not available to us right now. Stay healthy and strong.  We at Frank Y. Wei, M.D., PLLC hope to see you all again soon.


JIll Sinda, M.S., P.T.

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